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Garden Celebration

Creekside Commons Cohousing is an inclusive and sharing community of thirty six families in Courtenay BC making conscious choices about how to live with each other in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. Creekside people range in age from young children to elders.  There are singles, couples, empty nesters and families with infants, toddlers, grade school children or young adults.

Many Creekside people work full or part time at home or away, while some are students and more are recent or long-time retirees. We are intentionally inclusive and support a diverse range of family constellations.  All of us have a wide range of interests and commitments in the Comox Valley and in the world.


While some of us are long time residents of the Comox Valley, many arrived to become owners at Creekside Commons from other parts of British Columbia, Canada and the United States.  Some of us came to Creekside while it was developing because we were looking to create intentional community.  Others discovered Creekside while looking for a better way to live in our increasingly complex and impersonal world.

70th birthday party


We have a diverse and talented group of people sharing skills and passions within our community.  Our adult members are presently employed or have worked in many fields: healthcare, counseling and social work; education; journalism; engineering; the trades (forestry workers, carpenters, electricians, and mechanics).  Others of us have deep commitments to organic, sustainable gardening and permaculture.  We have arborists, landscapers, and environmental engineers. We live with professional musicians, graphic artists, potters, stained-glass artists, yoga teachers, writers, singers and songwriters.

Our children are both schooled and unschooled, some learning at home and others at the new Waldorf inspired Saltwater School nearby. We have several extended families living at Creekside –children, parents and grandparents, too- and lots of surrogate aunties and uncles enjoying time with the community’s children.

Pets are welcome and enjoyed – up to two cats or dogs to a household. Some of the six dogs like to take all sorts of people on walks with them and some of the eight cats are even trained to a leash and like to go visiting around the neighbourhood.

From time to time, Creekside people spend extended times away from home, making it possible to have renters and house sitters join the community. We’ve even found ways to welcome folks for a month or more who want to try living in our community before they make a decision to buy a home. While it’s hard to say goodbye to those who have come and gone, that’s part of living in community too and it also means we have friends who come ‘home’ to visit at Creekside from time to time.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.