Cookteam Meals in the Common House

February 19th, 2014 by admin Categories: What's New No Responses

“Creekies” always enjoy community potlucks and special feasts. But we only adopted the shared cooking practice that is typical of cohousing in this past year. In 2013 the logistics were worked out, and our “cook team” meals are a major success in the community! While cooking for 30+ people is daunting at first, we’ve been finding the recipes, procedures and tools to make it work. Folks really appreciate being able to show up and eat, and the cooks appreciate providing for friends and neighbours. We’re staying flexible with scheduling, but usually cook  dinner together once a week, either on a Wednesday or Saturday, with a yummy monthly Sunday brunch as well.  We expect cook team meals to be an ongoing fixture at Creekside, as they are yummy, community-building, fun and practical!